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110.SVFSplit~ Abstraction phaselinear band selection for noobs
COOPER Patch a framework to control patches from a meta-parameter-level
COOPER is a flexible environment which allows to control patches from a meta-parameter-level.
all the audio-processing is split into modules (generators and modulators),
which are connected to each other through a matrix.
every input you give to a module (with input devices like midi controlers, the computerkeyboard etc)
can be recorded into a figure-file.
recording and playing figures allows the user to produce complex musical structures
without the need to control every single parameter by hand.
there can be any number of meta-levels:
a figure can itsself contain commands to play figures (which themselfs can play figures etc).
figures can be local or global, containing commands for only one particular module or
for all modules touched within the time recorded.
and you can of course write figures by hand or with other programs.
it's easy to integrate custum patches as modules into the environment.
dot.split Abstraction Right outlet if greater then threshold, left outlet otherwise.
f0.inc_dec_split External detect direction of incoming values and split to different outlets
f0.inc_dec_split.js Javascript (js) detect direction of incoming values and split to different outlets
fsplit Abstraction An abstraction to provide a floating-point version of split.
jb.split Abstraction float/list version of 'split' object
jit.roy External Convert image to halftone image
The jit.roy object is a halftone screen emulator. It takes an input matrix and splits it into a grid. Each element in the grid is then replaced by regions of a second matrix based on the mean value of each slot in the grid. The second matrix (which defines the halftone screen) is a series of submatrices set next to one another along a horizontal axis. These matrices replace regions of the first matrix in ascending order.
jit.split External Split a matrix into two matrices
The jit.split object takes a single matrix as input, divides it along a specified dimension at a specified point, outputs the two resulting matrices.
jit.unpack External Make multiple single plane matrices out of a multiplane matrix
The jit.unpack object splits a single N plane matrix into N single plane matrices.
jr.evenodd Abstraction Split integers into odd and even numbers
jr.listlabel Abstraction split list of numbers into pairs of . Only outputs values when changed.
list.Demultiplex Javaclass (mxj) Deswizzles, cut, split a list into separate lists
optional argument sets the number of outlets
lp.scamp~ External Scale, offset, and limit signals
This is your one-stop source for scaling, offsetting, and limiting signals to a different output range. The lp.scamp~ object wraps *~ and +~ into one convenient object with range-correction and splitting capabilities. The core duty of lp.scampf is to multiply incoming values by a scaling factor and then to add an offset. In the following discussion this is referred to as mapping. Additionally, values may be constrained to a given range. You can poll an lp.scamp~ object to find out how many samples were out of range.
multisplit External split a stream of values into several ranges
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