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February 3rd, 2016
afterglow.max.Cue Javaclass (mxj) Control an Afterglow light cue
afterglow.max.Eval Javaclass (mxj) Evaluate Clojure expressions
afterglow.max.Metro Javaclass (mxj) Control an Afterglow Metronome
afterglow.max.NextFrame Javaclass (mxj) Prepare for a light show frame
afterglow.max.Var Javaclass (mxj) Control an Afterglow variable
February 4th, 2015
mxj cataDelaunay External Java external for computing the Delaunay Triangulation of a given set P of n points in 2 dimensional space
December 9th, 2014
leapmotion External Leap Motion Skeletal Tracking
August 20th, 2014
sfa.3spectmoments+flatness.maxpat External "3 spectral moments (centroid, deviation, skewness) and the spectral flatness Abstraction"
sfa.bark.maxpat External energy of the Bark bands from time domain frame Abstraction
sfa.bark2hz_vect.maxpat External Herts to Bark conversion Abstraction
sfa.barkspect.maxpat External energy of the Bark bands from spectrum Abstraction
sfa.ceil.maxpat External ceil function Abstraction
sfa.eig External eigenvalues FTM External
sfa.featfluxgate.maxpat External gated distance on stream of feature vectors Abstraction
sfa.fft2barkmx.maxpat External utility sub-abstraction of sfa.bark Abstraction
sfa.fft2barkmxN.maxpat External utility sub-abstraction of sfa.barkspect Abstraction
sfa.GCemulator.maxpat External 3D gestural controller emulator Abstraction
sfa.hynek_eq_coeff.maxpat External hynek equalization coefficients Abstraction
sfa.hz2bark.maxpat External Hertz to Bark conversion Abstraction
sfa.hz2bark_vect.maxpat External Hertz to Bark conversion for vectors Abstraction
sfa.hz2mel.maxpat External Hertz to Mel conversion Abstraction
sfa.idft_real_coeff.maxpat External utility sub-abstraction of sfa.rasta-plp Abstraction
sfa.inputcombinations External combination generator FTM External
sfa.levinson External levinson-durbin recursion FTM External
sfa.lpc2cep External lpc to cepstra conversion FTM External
sfa.maxminmem.maxpat External minimum and maximum of a stream of data Abstraction
sfa.mfcc.maxpat External MFCC coefficients Abstraction
sfa.modalphafilter.maxpat External 1st order IIR lowpass on a stream of vectors Abstraction
sfa.nonlinfeqscale.maxpat External linear spectrum to Bark or Mel scale conversion Abstraction
sfa.rasta-plp.maxpat External PLP and RASTA-PLP coefficients Abstraction
sfa.rastafilt External rasta filter FTM External
sfa.rmd External relative mean difference FTM External
sfa.roots External polynomial roots FTM External
sfa.spectmoments.maxpat External "4 spectral moments (centroid, deviation, skewness, kurtosis) Abstraction"
sfa.spectralflux.maxpat External spectral flux on stream of spectrum vectors Abstraction
sfa.spectralfluxgate.maxpat External gated spectral flux on stream of spectrum vectors Abstraction
sfa.std.maxpat External standard deviation Abstraction
sfa.win_to_fft_size.maxpat External smaller FFT size given frame size Abstraction
June 26th, 2014
VMM Javaclass (mxj) VMM is a variable order Markov model object for Max. It can be used for high-order Markov models (i.e. orders greater than 1).

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