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matrixctrl External switching matrix control
matrixctrl is a flexible grid-based control. It can be used to control switching-matrix objects like matrix~. It can also be used for more general-purpose grid-like controls.
matrix~ External Signal switching / mixing matrix
Signal switching / mixing matrix. matrix~ connects one or more signal inputs to one or more outputs. Signals are mixed (added) at output connections.
matryx External message router like matrix~ (scripting)
router External matrixctrl-compatible Max message router
router is a Max object which lets you patch multiple sources of Max data to multiple destinations dynamically (sort of like a series of nested switches and gates). It is designed to work best with the matrixctrl user-interface object, and uses a syntax equivalent to the MSP matrix~ object.
St.vbap~ Abstraction a wrapper for Ville Pullkis vbap
It adds a matrix~ inside. The left input is connected to the matrix, and the right input to vbap. One parameter determines the number of speakers to set up (up to 64).
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