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Parametric linear congruence method

The linear congruence algorithm has been the standard method of generating pseudorandom numbers since the late 1950s. More recent statistical literature (i.e., since about 1960) has pointed out numerous shortcomings with the algorithm. Despite this, linear congruence remains the method provided by practically all operating systems and programming libraries. Max is no exception. With carefully chosen parameters, LC can produce sequences of numbers that at least appear random at first glance. However, even with the most carefully chosen parameters, LC shows a number of correlations that are not in any sense random. For this reason, the Litter Power Package uses more modern methods that are more measurably random and robust. The algorithm used by default in the Litter Power Package is faster, to boot.
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Litter Power Pro Package
Format : External
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.x


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