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Modal Analysis

The Modal Analysis object analyzes notes played during a user specified window of time and tells what mode you're playing in.

created by V.J. Manzo

The modal_analysis object takes incoming notes in its left inlet and determines in what mode and tonic you’re playing when a bang is sent to its right inlet. The object attempts to filter out repetitions and organize notes to infer a mode. Double clicking the object will reveal a window similar to that of the modal change object which shows the mode as well as the scale degree distances that make up the scale and the particular mode’s context within the larger pitch collection.
The ordered scale degrees are output as a list from the objects left outlet and the scale degree distances are output from its second outlet.
The modal analysis+ object does everything modal_analysis does, but is also set to integrate with the modal change object to trigger a new mode change when a mode is analyzed. A user could conceivably play a scale, have it analyzed and then generate chords from that scale in real-time.

created by V.J. Manzo
www.vjmanzo.com | www.vincemanzo.com
from the library :
Modal Object Library
Format : External
Environment : max
Max 4.5


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