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Generate random numbers from a log-normal distribution

The log-normal distribution is derived from the normal (or "Gaussian") distribution. By definition, if the logarithm of a set of random variables has a normal distribution, then the variable has a log-normal distribution. Conceptually, one can think of the lognormal distribution is as the product of many independent uniform distributions (in contrast to the normal distribution, which is derived from the notion of summing independent uniform distributions). The log-normal distribution is often used to model characteristics such as income distribution, distribution of grain sizes in geological contexts, and distribution of weight or height in biological contexts. The log-normal distribution has two parameters: mean and standard deviation. Values from a log-normal distribution are positive and skewed to the right (i.e., the median is greater than the arithmetic mean.)
from the library :
Litter Power Pro Package
Format : External
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.x


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