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v.buffers is a general holder of video frames.

v.buffers is a general holder of video frames. It can grab frames from a live video stream. It can import quicktime movies. It can import individual still images in many formats. It can export its contents as a quicktime movie. It can export any individual frame as a still image in many formats. The first argument to v.buffers is a name for the buffer. The second is the number of buffers. The frames are stored in RAM and so the maximum number of buffers you can allocate depends on the amount of RAM you have allocated to MAX. You can set a format, width and height for the buffers, but if a different format or dimension stream is received, the buffers will be resized to match and the previously recorded frames will be cleared. The frames are accessed through v.buffertap objects.
from the library :
Format : External
Environment : jitter / max
Max 4.x


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