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Tristan Jehan A series of three statistical objects.


GEM (Graphics Environment for Multimedia)

Shigeyuki Hirai This software enable Max to render interactive 3D graphics using OpenGL.


GMEM Objects

GMEM Externals from the GMEM (Groupe de Musique Electroacoustique de Marseille - France)

GMU externals

GMEM GMU externals is a library of advanced granulation DSP engine for MaxMSP. It is the external-only distribution of the GMU package.

Grain Tools

Marcel Wierckx a set of abstractions for performing various granular synthesis tricks. Released under the GNU General Public License.


Granular Toolkit

Nathan Wolek set of externals and abstractions developed using several granular synthesis concepts. Effects available in this download include pitch shifting, spatializing, \"clouds\", chord production and looping.


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