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hacked X abstractions of missing externals.
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rst Abstraction Filter for symbol and text...

sel# Abstraction To prevent #1 arguments to be fired when you edit the original

sel0 Abstraction Bangs to the left outlet on 0 as well as on 0.0x

sends~ Abstraction Multiple [send] with setable parameter.

shiftcmdgate Abstraction Opens normaly, but if you hold shift and cmd, it will close.

speedline~ Abstraction Generate ramps and line segments based on speed

splange Abstraction Splits an incoming stream of numbers into decreasing, same and increasing parts.

splitter Abstraction Passes smaller values out the left, equal values out the middle and bigger values out the right outlet.

splodd Abstraction Splits odd and even numbers.

spraylist Abstraction Does the opposite of [listfunnel]

stripname Abstraction Split path information from a full pathname into path and name.

testnoargs Abstraction Helps to find out if no arguments are set.

timefrac Abstraction Measures the fraction of the second in ms according to the system clock when a bang is received in its inlet.

timeofyear Abstraction Outputs on bang the elapsed seconds, minutes, hours and days of this year

transpose Abstraction Transposes the pitch inside a packed midistream.

trunc Abstraction Simply split a float into its integer and fractional part.

ttoms Abstraction Calculate ms out of hours, minute, seconds.

unmute~ Abstraction

unpacker Abstraction Unlike [unpack], unpacker does not care about the types of the elements of a list. It unpacks all kinds of mixed lists.

vmap Abstraction Like [zmap] but for list/vectors

xctlout Abstraction Divides a 14bit number into two parts and send them to two ctlout objects.

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