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hacked X abstractions of missing externals.
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modifier Abstraction An enhanced [modifiers]

ms2weeks Abstraction Milliseconds to time (weeks:days:h:m:s.ms) conversion.

mstoDisplay. Abstraction Milliseconds to time (h:m:s) ready to be displayed.

mstot Abstraction Milliseconds to time (h:m:s.ms) conversion.

MTCIn Abstraction MTCIn parses raw midi timecode

mtoa Abstraction a Midi volume to amplitude conversion

mtoc Abstraction midi to cent.

ntom Abstraction (ascii) note names to Midi numbers conversion

numlist Abstraction Create an ascending list of the length of an integer put into the left inlet.

odd Abstraction Determine if an integer is even or odd.

padnum Abstraction Type in numbers on the number pad rapidly without touching the return...

patcheroute Abstraction Aid for dealing with patcherargs.

percent Abstraction Gives percentage.

phelp Abstraction Open the help files in an easy way.

pipeall Abstraction Like [pipe], but for lists and symbols as well.

poly+ Abstraction Same as poly but with changeable polyphony

prep Abstraction Short for [prepend].

radiotrix Abstraction Secode a radio button row (flagmode) into the matrix format.

receives~ Abstraction multiple [receive] with setable parameter.

revcoll Abstraction A quick hack for a reversed coll (data as index).

revzi Abstraction Count downwards from argument one till input + 1.

rien Abstraction Bangs if there are no arguments, attributes set, if connected to patcherargs

rint Abstraction Like int, but will round incoming floats to the closest int.

roudone Abstraction Like [route done], but will prevent from passing the 'done' message if loadbangs are not fireing by cmd-shift loading.

route# Abstraction To prevent #x arguments to be fired when you edit the original but still rotes it to an extra outlet.

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