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softVNS 2 is a set of external objects for MAX/MSP that allows you to process video in real-time.
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v.rgb External v.rgb converts the input stream to an rgb stream.

v.rotate External v.rotate is a general purpose object for rotation, skew, offsetting and scaling.

v.sameness External single stream: output the similarity between a stream and comparison values dual stream: output the similarity between pixels in two streams

v.samplehold External single stream: sample (pass) or hold (freeze) the incoming stream. dual stream: sample (pass) or hold (freeze) individual pixels based on the values of the pixels in a second stream.

v.saturation External single stream: set the saturation for a yuv stream dual stream: use the brightness of stream 2 to set the saturation for corresponding pixels in stream 1

v.screen External v.screen displays an incoming video stream in a rectangle in the patcher window.

v.sequence External v.sequence grabs, imports and plays back sequences of video frames.

v.silhouette External v.silhouette looks for the top edges in an image.

v.sin External v.sin calculates the sine of the brightness of each pixel in the image

v.slur External v.slur can reduce video noise in some circumstances.

v.squareroot External v.squareroot outputs a brightness

v.status External v.status reports the current processor requirements of various parts of the softVNS system and allows performance tuning.

v.stillstream External v.stillstream passes a stream from input to output.

v.stripalpha External v.stripalpha removes the alpha channel from the incoming stream.

v.sum External v.sum finds the sum of all the brightnesses in the image, and reports the sum as a single int.

v.swap External v.swap is a softVNS 2 version of swap

v.switch External v.switch is a softVNS 2 streams version of switch.

v.switchboard External v.switchboard is a cross-point or matrix switch that allows the routine of each inlet to any of the outlets.

v.tan External v.tan calculates the tangent of the brightness of each pixel in the image

v.track External v.track follows a specified small object across the video field with sub-pixel accuracy and no delay.

v.tween External v.tween interpolates between the previously received frame and the most recent frame.

v.unpacky_uv External v.unpacky_uv takes a yuv streams and divides it into the y component (a grays stream) and the uv components (as a second grays stream with u and v in alternating pixels.

v.window External v.window displays an incoming video stream in a window

v.wrap External This object shifts incoming values into a limited range in a few different ways.

v.xor External single stream: do a bit-wise XOR operation on each pixel’s brightness dual stream: do a bit-wise XOR between the pixel brightnesses of two streams

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