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A number of Max/MSP externals.
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tl.balance~ External Balance intensity of a signal to match that of a referential signal

tl.butterbp~ External Second order pole-zero band pass filter

tl.butterbr~ External Second order pole-zero band reject filter

tl.butterhp~ External Second order pole-zero high-pass filter

tl.butterlp~ External Second order pole-zero low-pass filter

tl.chebyshev External Make transfer function for waveshaping

tl.crossover4~ External 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover filter (high and low).

tl.delta External 1st order difference

tl.delta2 External Calculate 2nd order difference of a series of numbers

tl.detune External Introduce detuning in MIDI pitch values

tl.envExp External Envelope with linear rise and exponential decay

tl.envfollow~ External Envelope following

tl.fm~ Abstraction Frequency Modulation.

tl.freq.drift~ Abstraction Add 1/f pitch drift (jitter) to a carrier frequency.

tl.freq.vibdrift~ Abstraction Add vibrato and 1/f drift to a carrier frequency.

tl.freq.vibrato~ Abstraction Add vibrato to a carrier frequency.

tl.frequency External Frequency estimation

tl.jit.atodb Abstraction Convert jitter Matrix values from linear to decibel values

tl.jit.dbtoa Abstraction Convert jitter matrix values from decibel to linear values

tl.jit.interp3 Abstraction 3rd order interpolation

tl.jit.monitor Abstraction Monitoring of matrix properties

tl.keytoggle Abstraction Use keyboard as toggles.

tl.list.1_div.f External 1/f fractional noise as a list of floats in the range 0 to 1

tl.list.gauss External Gaussian (normal distribution) curve as list

tl.list.line External Straight line as list

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