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The ejies is a collection of abstractions utilities, digital signal processing, JavaScripts tools I have developed in Max/MSP-Jitter for my own pedagogical purposes, using the knowledge I gained while teaching at Ircam.
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ej.4m.js Javascript (js) Calculate minimum, mean, median and maximum on an int/float stream

ej.cc.js Javascript (js) Change object Color

ej.cn.js Javascript (js) Change Name of named object

ej.cycle.js Javascript (js) Route value to different outlets.

ej.dialog Abstraction replacement for the dialog object

ej.dn.js Javascript (js) Display a named object.

ej.dx2x Javaclass (mxj) create a list from intervals

ej.fplay Javaclass (mxj) Non-graphical multi-breakpoint function editor (equivalent of ej.function.js without the drawing feature).

ej.ftom Javaclass (mxj) Frequency to MIDI (with tuning adjustment, works for lists)

ej.function.js Javascript (jsui) UI: multi bpf editor compatible with the standart function object

ej.jit.preview Abstraction (Bpatcher) JItter patcher window with slowing down information

ej.l2buffer Javaclass (mxj) fill a buffer~ with a list

ej.lchange Javaclass (mxj) aware of list changes

ej.lclip Javaclass (mxj) constrains a list within a certain range

ej.ldrunk Javaclass (mxj) drunk for list

ej.led.js Javascript (jsui) does the same as the standard LED object / button object

ej.line Abstraction Multi-segment line

ej.linterp Javaclass (mxj) List interpolator (2, 4 or 8 inputs)

ej.lock.js Javascript (js) Get/set locked mode (patch edit mode)

ej.lop Javaclass (mxj) list operator

ej.lquant Javaclass (mxj) Quantize a stream of number or a list

ej.lscale Javaclass (mxj) maps input range of lists to output range

ej.lslide Javaclass (mxj) smooth-out changes in list

ej.lui.js Javascript (js) JavaScript which creates a JSUI... and then kills himself :-)

ej.mmmm Javaclass (mxj) calculate minimum, mean, median and maximum

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