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a bunch of abstractions that someone might find helpful
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f0.rand Abstraction floating-point random

f0.rand2 Abstraction floating point random bilinear

f0.rect_to_coords Abstraction convert x, y, width, height to x1, y1, x2, y2

f0.rotary Abstraction for endless rotary encoders

f0.route_index Abstraction route lists beginning with index

f0.route_pattern Abstraction prepends indexes from a pattern

f0.s== Abstraction outputs 1 if two symbols match

f0.sah Abstraction sample and hold messages

f0.sample Abstraction reduce a stream of messages by only letting every x message pass

f0.schange Abstraction filter out repeated symbols

f0.sched Abstraction delay items or lists

f0.seed Abstraction custom seed for random objects

f0.seq Abstraction simple step sequencer for messages

f0.sine_rule Abstraction sine rule

f0.vmk Abstraction basic computer keyboard -> piano mapping

f0.void Abstraction nothingness

f0.vr Abstraction value+receive that remembers what has been received

f0.vs Abstraction value+send that remembers what has been sent

f0.wrap~ Abstraction wrap values

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