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a bunch of abstractions that someone might find helpful
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f0.jit_mix_uyvy Abstraction mixer built for efficiency

f0.key Abstraction wrapper for key and keyup

f0.l== Abstraction outputs 1 if two lists match

f0.lchange Abstraction filter out repeated lists

f0.lftoa Abstraction list-of-floats to ascii conversion

f0.line Abstraction different line

f0.line_exp Abstraction exponential line

f0.line_log Abstraction logarithmic line

f0.list_all_zero Abstraction outputs 1 if all numbers in a list are zero

f0.list_arpeggio Abstraction iterates over a list with a delay

f0.list_collect Abstraction builds a list of incoming messages

f0.list_first_nonzero Abstraction output index of first non-zero item in list

f0.list_num_nonzero Abstraction count number of non-zero items in a list

f0.live Abstraction record and repeat x messages y times

f0.makenote External replacement for the standard [makenote] object. this one also handles midi channels

f0.miniseq2 Abstraction midi note sequencer with variable playback rate

f0.mouse_move Abstraction this abstraction will move the mouse by a small amount if inactive for more that x seconds

f0.ms_to_hms Abstraction converts milliseconds to hours-minutes-seconds

f0.multidelay~ Abstraction tap delay with variable number of tap outputs, independent delaytimes and levels

f0.oitar Abstraction calculate width/height proportion

f0.once Abstraction loadbang that only fires once for all instances

f0.one_through_gate Abstraction lets only one message pass, then closes the gate

f0.play_env~ Abstraction one shot sample player with an envelope

f0.play~ Abstraction one shot sample player

f0.r Abstraction receiver that remembers and has a built in gate

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