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The V Objects provides a number of shortcut tools for Max created by V.J. Manzo and included with the Modal Object Library.

created by V.J. Manzo
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vj.buffer_cropper Abstraction remove silence from the beginning of an audio recording within a buffer~ object

vj.filepather Abstraction allows a user to dump a bunch of files in a named folder and have those files automatically loaded to Max's temp search path when the patch is loaded

vj.fileplayer Abstraction audio player abstraction that plays back compressed and uncompressed audio including MP3's.

vj.lockstate Abstraction reports if a patcher is locked or unlocked

vj.platform_detection Abstraction simple abstraction reports if the patch is being run on a Windows or Mac platform

vj.random_filename Abstraction abstraction that creates a random filename. Output has descriptive filename and random number in front. No more overwriting sfrecord~ files when batch recording in multiple sessions!!

vj.timetrial Abstraction abstraction that reports a nag screen or closes the patch when the trial expiration time has been reached

vj.banger Abstraction an abstraction to bang multiple objects in sequence (based on Peter Elsea's banger object).

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