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v001 Shaders are a collection of GPU accelerated video and geometry processing plugins for Jitter 1.6. The library includes 2 and 3 channel mixers, single channel video effects and geometry, lighting, bump mapping and displacement shaders for 3D objects.
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v001.3d.noise External 3D vertex distortion.

v001.3d.normalmap External Normal maping shader.

v001.3D.parallax External Parallax Mapping shader.

v001.3D.pass External Passthrough shader.

v001.3D.sin External 3D vertex distortion.

v001.blackandwhite External Black and White shader

v001.clamp External Clamp color values to create streaks.

v001.co2.* External A/B mixers with traditional blend modes.

v001.co3.alphamix External A/B/Alpha Mask mixer.

v001.co3.lumamix External A/B/Luma Mask mixer.

v001.colorsparator External Separate RGB planes in X/Y.

v001.dent External Dent effect.

v001.duotone External Traditional Duo Tone effect.

v001.exposure External Exposure control.

v001.fade External Fade to black or white.

v001.lighttunnel External Circular rays effect. Circular rays with selectable origin and scale.

v001.mirror External Traditional mirror effect.

v001.pinch External Pinch effect.

v001.posterize External Posterize effect.

v001.shred External Slice your image.

v001.stretch External Stretch effect. Stretch effect with origin controls.

v001.threshold External Drastic color saturation.

v001.twirl External Twirl effect.

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