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aka.appleremoteExternal Apple Remote Handler (deactivating Front Row)
aka.beepExternal System Alert Sound
aka.booklightExternal This object controls/senses the lights of MacBook Pro.
aka.bookmotionExternal This object gets the data of SMS (Sudden Motion Sensor).
aka.cursorExternal Mouse Cursor Control
aka.datagramExternal Converts a symbol to a udp packet; and converts a udp packet to a symbol. It also converts integer numbers to/from binary data in a udp packet
aka.datetimeExternal Gregorian date and absolute time functions
aka.jit.gl.snhandleAbstraction 3D Navigation using 3Dconnexion\\\'s SpaceNavigator
aka.listenExternal Speech Recognition
aka.mouseExternal Mouse control utility
aka.overlapExternal Handle overlapping notes
aka.serviceusbExternal Service USB control
aka.shellExternal Shell command bridge
aka.spacenavigatorAbstraction 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator Handler
aka.speechExternal speaking a text (text to speech)
aka.wiiremoteExternal Nintendo Wii Remote Handler (wiimote)
disis.aka.wiiremoteExternal Nintendo Wii Remote Handler (wiimote)
overlapExternal Handle overlapping notes
siLevelExternal Get the level of sound input device
speechExternal speaking a text
stringExternal Hold & treat a string
WallpaperExternal Fill the area of object or patcher with a pattern
xCursorExternal Mouse Cursor Control
xMenubarExternal hide/show menubar
xPowerExternal This object let your Macintosh shutdown or restart without any warnings.

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