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v.blurExternal v.blur applies a blur to the stream. At blur depth 0, there is no change in the input stream.
v.boundsExternal v.bounds calculates the bounding rectangle of the non-black areas of the image.
v.buddyExternal v.buddy synchronizes a number of video streams so that the last received frames are output in right to left outlet order each time all inlets have received at least one frame since the last output.
v.bufferpoolExternal This object allows you to preallocate buffers of various formats and resolutions to be shared amongst other object.
v.buffersExternal v.buffers is a general holder of video frames.
v.buffertapExternal Output the frames in a v.buffers object as a stream.
v.centroidExternal v.centroid calculates the exact center of visual gravity of the stream.
v.changeExternal v.change passes frames that are not identical.
v.colourbalanceExternal v.colourbalance tints video streams.
v.colourfilterExternal Each output pixel represents the degree to which that pixel fits the colour description.
v.componentsExternal v.components separates a video stream into its component streams.
v.compositeExternal v.composite takes four arguments: the number of input streams to combine, the format (grays/yuv/rgb), and the width and height of output streams.
v.contrastExternal single stream: set the contrast for a stream dual stream: use the brightness of stream 2 to set the contrast for corresponding pixels in stream 1
v.convolveExternal v.convolve performs a 3 x 3 convolution of the input.
v.cosExternal v.cos calculates the cosine of the brightness of each pixel in the image
v.cropExternal v.crop takes 4 arguments defining the left, top, right and bottom of a cropping rectangle.
v.deepblurExternal v.deepblur applies a strong blur to the stream.
v.deferExternal v.defer allows you to defer the processing of a stream.
v.deinterlaceExternal v.deinterlace takes a stream and outputs a same-sized stream made up of either the even or odd lines of the original with intervening lines being made up of the average of the lines above and below.
v.delayExternal v.delay delays the incoming stream by a number of frames
v.diceExternal v.dice chops a stream horizontally and/or vertically into a number of smaller streams.
v.digExternal v.dig is the object that digitizes incoming video streams from external sources.
v.displaceExternal v.displace displaces the input stream based on the brightnesses of the pixels of the second stream.
v.displacexyExternal v.displacexy displaces the input stream based on the values of the pixels of the second and third stream.
v.dissolveExternal v.dissolve allows you to dissolve between two images.

softVNS softVNS 2 is a set of external objects for MAX/MSP that allows you to process video in real-time.

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