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bargraf~External BETA for Max5 available !

draws the signal level (dB, exp scale)
bufGranul~External sound buffer~ granulation DSP object
cretmet~External get the signal peak level (dB and linear)
liveGranul~External live input granulation DSP object
lpS&Hi~External Sample & Hold with interpolation
lpS&H~External Sample & Hold without interpolation
multiouts~External multi outputs
panpotExternal a 360 dial (unsupported for Max5, workaround abstraction available)
rand_dist_list~External arbitrary distribution random signal generator
synGranul~External sinusoidal granulation DSP object

GMEM Objects Externals from the GMEM (Groupe de Musique Electroacoustique de Marseille - France)
GMU externals GMU externals is a library of advanced granulation DSP engine for MaxMSP. It is the external-only distribution of the GMU package.

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