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tl.delta2External Calculate 2nd order difference of a series of numbers
tl.detuneExternal Introduce detuning in MIDI pitch values
tl.envExpExternal Envelope with linear rise and exponential decay
tl.envfollow~External Envelope following
tl.fm~Abstraction Frequency Modulation.
tl.freq.drift~Abstraction Add 1/f pitch drift (jitter) to a carrier frequency.
tl.freq.vibdrift~Abstraction Add vibrato and 1/f drift to a carrier frequency.
tl.freq.vibrato~Abstraction Add vibrato to a carrier frequency.
tl.frequencyExternal Frequency estimation
tl.jit.atodbAbstraction Convert jitter Matrix values from linear to decibel values
tl.jit.dbtoaAbstraction Convert jitter matrix values from decibel to linear values
tl.jit.interp3Abstraction 3rd order interpolation
tl.jit.monitorAbstraction Monitoring of matrix properties
tl.keytoggleAbstraction Use keyboard as toggles.
tl.list.1_div.fExternal 1/f fractional noise as a list of floats in the range 0 to 1
tl.list.gaussExternal Gaussian (normal distribution) curve as list
tl.list.lineExternal Straight line as list
tl.list.tanhExternal Tanh curve as list
tl.metroAbstraction Alternative metro. If audio is running, tl.metro is driven by phasor~. If audio is of, tl.metro resorts to standard metro
tl.midi.aAbstraction Define universal standard pitch. Correct MIDI values.
tl.midi.a~Abstraction Define universal standard pitch. Correct MIDI values (audio).
tl.midi.drift~Abstraction Add 1/f pitch drift (jitter) to MIDI Pitch value
tl.midi.vibrato~Abstraction Add vibrato to a MIDI carrier frequency.
tl.n++Abstraction Slow uppward uzi for large tasks.
tl.n--Abstraction Slow downward uzi for large tasks.

Jamoma Jamoma provides a clear structure and common features for building max patches. reducing the amount of time needed to create new performance systems, and enhancing the interchange of patches amongst max users.
tl.objects A number of Max/MSP externals.

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