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jmod.bridgeExternal Bridge for remote communication between module and external control unit.
jmod.controlJamoma Module a control module for handling various global tasks
jmod.crossfade~Jamoma Module Module for crossfading between two sound sources
jmod.cuelistJamoma Module a module to control bridged modules by means of a text format cue script.
jmod.degradeM~Jamoma Module mono version of audio degrade module
jmod.degrade~Jamoma Module degrade audio signal
jmod.edge%Jamoma Module edge detection
jmod.filterM~Jamoma Module mono version of audio filter module.
jmod.filter~Jamoma Module audio filter module
jmod.input~Jamoma Module generic stereo audio input module
jmod.limi~Jamoma Module stereo limiter
jmod.mblur%Jamoma Module motion blur effect
jmod.output~Jamoma Module generic stereo output module with som master fx and recording
jmod.qmetroJamoma Module a qmetro module
jmod.wake%Jamoma Module the central nervous system of a jamoma module
lut-levelExternal Create lookup tables to control color level for the Nato modular object 242.lut
Oblique StrategiesPatch A Max patch emulating the Oblique Strategies oracle cards by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.
tl.balance~External Balance intensity of a signal to match that of a referential signal
tl.butterbp~External Second order pole-zero band pass filter
tl.butterbr~External Second order pole-zero band reject filter
tl.butterhp~External Second order pole-zero high-pass filter
tl.butterlp~External Second order pole-zero low-pass filter
tl.chebyshevExternal Make transfer function for waveshaping
tl.crossover4~External 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover filter (high and low).
tl.deltaExternal 1st order difference

Jamoma Jamoma provides a clear structure and common features for building max patches. reducing the amount of time needed to create new performance systems, and enhancing the interchange of patches amongst max users.
tl.objects A number of Max/MSP externals.

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