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64bitExternal allows one to (with filein) read 64-bit floating point values into Max (they are truncated by Max to 32-bit - use if you want the data, not the precision).
arghExternal passes any message/data through it, *except* #1 - #9, i.e. un-filled-in arguments.
argvExternal gives the name and all arguments of its containing patch upon being sent a bang.
filesizeExternal reports the size of any file in bytes.
frame~External takes in output from fft~, and spits out successive fft frames as lists
instanceofAbstraction instanceof is a max abstraction to help in patches that use third-party objects which cannot use the same compiled binary versions for Mac OS 9 and X.
movie++External A replacement for the standard movie object in Max. It does everything movie does, and: reports length and dimensions of the current movie or any movie file
numletsExternal gives the number of inlets and outlets of any object, upon being sent the object\'s scripting name.
slicenExternal Slices a list into N sub-lists, specified by size

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