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analyzer~External FFT-Based Perceptual Analysis
bark~External Auditory Model Spectrum Analyser
beat~External Audio beat and Tempo tracker (G4 and higher)
brightness~External Spectral Centroid Measure
gaussdistExternal Normal distribution generator
gaussdrawExternal Normal distribution display as a list
gaussmodelExternal Normal distribution modeling
loudness~External Spectral or Time-domain Energy
mapperExternal Scaling object with exponential mapping, for floats, ints, and lists
noisiness~External Bark-based Spectral Flatness Measure
packetbuild~External Builds audio and data packets to be sent with otudp
packetindex~External Parses data packets and writes audio coming from packetbuild~ + otudp into a buffer~ object
packetparse~External Parses audio and data packets from packetbuild~and received with otudp
peqbank~External Banks of shelving and parametric EQ filters.
pitch~External Pitch tracker (based on fiddle~ from Miller Puckette)
segment~External Detects onsets of sounds and notes
shifter~External PSOLA pitch shifter
smooth-biquad~External smooth-biquad~ is just like biquad~ except that new coefficient updates are "smoothed"
smootherExternal First order low-pass/median filter and envelope follower for floats, ints, and lists

Gaussian A series of three statistical objects.
Tristan Externals FFT-based (optimized for the G4 processor)

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