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groupExternal groups numbers received in succession into a list.
joinExternal Joins two lists together.
laceExternal interlace the elements of two lists
listiterExternal cuts a long list up into smaller lists.
listlenExternal listlen - outputs the length of a list or anything arriving at its inlet.
listregExternal this is for lists what the int object is for integers.
permuteExternal return the nth permutation of a list
positionExternal position - sorts a list in the left inlet using the index numbers in the right inlet.
replicateExternal repeate a list N times
reverseExternal reverses a list of numbers.
rotateExternal cyclically rotate a list
scrambleExternal scrambles the order of a list of numbers.
sectExternal outputs a list which contains only atoms that appear in both input lists.
sliceExternal divides a list in two.
sortExternal sorts a list.
unionExternal union - outputs a list which contains all atoms that appear in either or both input lists.
uniqueExternal unique puts out a list comprised of those items in the left input list that are not contained in the right input list.

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