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vb.aubio~External offline onset/transient detection
vb.blit~External a bandlimited impulse oscillator
vb.brown~External a brownian noise generator with adjustable step size
vb.cheby~External A chebyshev high-/lowpass filter with variable number of poles
vb.delayA~External a fractional delay line using first-order allpass interpolation and feedback.
vb.fbosc~External a feedback oscillator
vb.FFTWbuf~External perform a single FFT/iFFT on data inside a buffer (non realtime).
vb.freezer~External freeze audio input into a perfect loop
vb.gbuzz~External A non-bandlimited impulse train generator with spectrum control.
vb.gcd_lcmExternal An object to calculate greates common divisor (gcd) and least common multiple (lcm) of two or more integers.
vb.goertzel~External a goertzel filter
vb.jonverb~External reverb generator
vb.linCongru~External linear congruential pattern generator
vb.listchangeExternal same as [change] but for lists
vb.listdrunkExternal same as [drunk] but for lists
vb.phasor0~External a phasor that changes its frequency only at the beginning of a new ramp
vb.pitch~External a pitch tracker
vb.ramp~External a versatile ramp generator which can be triggered by a signal
vb.rand~External same as rand~ but with cubic interpolation.
vb.simper.svf~External a state variable filter based on a design by Andrew Simper
vb.src~External vb.src~, high quality variable sample rate playback object
vb.stretch~External extreme time stretching of buffer based audio data
vb.thresh~External Detect signal above a set level

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