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v001.3d.noiseExternal 3D vertex distortion.
v001.3d.normalmapExternal Normal maping shader.
v001.3D.parallaxExternal Parallax Mapping shader.
v001.3D.passExternal Passthrough shader.
v001.3D.passExternal Passthrough shader.
v001.3D.sinExternal 3D vertex distortion.
v001.3D.sinExternal 3D vertex distortion.
v001.blackandwhiteExternal Black and White shader
v001.clampExternal Clamp color values to create streaks.
v001.co2.*External A/B mixers with traditional blend modes.
v001.co3.alphamixExternal A/B/Alpha Mask mixer.
v001.co3.lumamixExternal A/B/Luma Mask mixer.
v001.colorsparatorExternal Separate RGB planes in X/Y.
v001.dentExternal Dent effect.
v001.duotoneExternal Traditional Duo Tone effect.
v001.exposureExternal Exposure control.
v001.fadeExternal Fade to black or white.
v001.gui.100Abstraction 100 pixel wide dynamic user interface element
v001.gui.160Abstraction 160 pixel wide dynamic user interface element
v001.gui.2x2Abstraction 2x2 UI object array
v001.gui.40Abstraction 40 pixel wide dynamic user interface element
v001.gui.logicAbstraction Core gui scripting logic
v001.gui.mixerAbstraction Wrapper for mixing GUI
v001.lib.dynamicrouteAbstraction dynamic route
v001.lib.forwardAbstraction dynamic forward with easy to manage name spaces

v001 v001 is meant to help bring a structured method for building modular and reusable performance patches for Max/MSP and Jitter - it isnt a complete low level programming system, rather an immediately useful set of pre-made objects and patching methodologies for building modules and automatically creating dynamic and scriptable user interfaces.
v001 Shaders v001 Shaders are a collection of GPU accelerated video and geometry processing plugins for Jitter 1.6. The library includes 2 and 3 channel mixers, single channel video effects and geometry, lighting, bump mapping and displacement shaders for 3D objects.

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