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midincdecAbstraction A midiinput for increment decrement type of controllers
minmaxAbstraction minmax finds the minimum and maximum in a stream of numbers, list.
mirrorAbstraction Create a mirrored number (subtracts the difference from the mirror number.
modifierAbstraction An enhanced [modifiers]
ms2weeksAbstraction Milliseconds to time (weeks:days:h:m:s.ms) conversion.
mstoDisplay.Abstraction Milliseconds to time (h:m:s) ready to be displayed.
mstotAbstraction Milliseconds to time (h:m:s.ms) conversion.
MTCInAbstraction MTCIn parses raw midi timecode
mtoaAbstraction a Midi volume to amplitude conversion
mtocAbstraction midi to cent.
ntomAbstraction (ascii) note names to Midi numbers conversion
numlistAbstraction Create an ascending list of the length of an integer put into the left inlet.
oddAbstraction Determine if an integer is even or odd.
padnumAbstraction Type in numbers on the number pad rapidly without touching the return...
patcherouteAbstraction Aid for dealing with patcherargs.
percentAbstraction Gives percentage.
phelpAbstraction Open the help files in an easy way.
pipeallAbstraction Like [pipe], but for lists and symbols as well.
poly+Abstraction Same as poly but with changeable polyphony
prepAbstraction Short for [prepend].
radiotrixAbstraction Secode a radio button row (flagmode) into the matrix format.
receives~Abstraction multiple [receive] with setable parameter.
revcollAbstraction A quick hack for a reversed coll (data as index).
revziAbstraction Count downwards from argument one till input + 1.
rienAbstraction Bangs if there are no arguments, attributes set, if connected to patcherargs

abhaXions hacked X abstractions of missing externals.
St.ools Useful abstractions.

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