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defcollAbstraction A coll which outputs a default message if there is no entry for a given input.
delay0Abstraction Only a zero will be delayed. Switch on immediate, switch off delayed.
factmirrAbstraction Mirror negative inputs to divisors and the second ins and outs do the reverse.
fifoAbstraction first in first out.
filenameAbstraction sends out a read message with the full pathname of the chosen file.
FloatsAbstraction Store several floats
floattosymbolAbstraction Convert floats (and ints) to a symbol.
flushpAbstraction flush is not only flushing, its also unpacking. For those cases where you'd need to pack the values again, like for poly~s, flushp does this.
ftocAbstraction frequency to cent conversion
IntsAbstraction Store several ints
iziAbstraction Like uzi, but iterates a list.
keyselAbstraction Select a pressed key of the computer keyboard.
keytoiAbstraction Like atoi, but it will understand some keywords for special keys.
lifoAbstraction last in first out.
linesAbstraction Like [line] but it allows multisegment lists like [line~]
loadargsAbstraction Loads arguments.
loaddateAbstraction Loads the date of the day.
loadmeAbstraction Almost like loadmess, but has some aid for checking if a parameter is set or not
loadmessesAbstraction "syncronized" loadmesses. With seperate loadmesses and loadbangs you never know the order....
loadOSbangAbstraction Determine which OS you're on...
loadXbangAbstraction Determine if you have loaded MacOS X
loadziAbstraction A combination of uzi and loadmess.
Max Object ThesaurusPatch This is the Max Object Thesaurus as Max patch. It will call the corresponding help files by clicking on the object names.
messaroundAbstraction In case you wanted more than 9 message arguments, this is the workaround.
metro~Abstraction Like metro but is based on audiorate.

abhaXions hacked X abstractions of missing externals.
St.ools Useful abstractions.

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