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testnoargsAbstraction Helps to find out if no arguments are set.
timefracAbstraction Measures the fraction of the second in ms according to the system clock when a bang is received in its inlet.
timeofyearAbstraction Outputs on bang the elapsed seconds, minutes, hours and days of this year
transposeAbstraction Transposes the pitch inside a packed midistream.
truncAbstraction Simply split a float into its integer and fractional part.
ttomsAbstraction Calculate ms out of hours, minute, seconds.
unpackerAbstraction Unlike [unpack], unpacker does not care about the types of the elements of a list. It unpacks all kinds of mixed lists.
vmapAbstraction Like [zmap] but for list/vectors
xctloutAbstraction Divides a 14bit number into two parts and send them to two ctlout objects.

abhaXions hacked X abstractions of missing externals.
St.ools Useful abstractions.

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