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BekesyPatch This patch allows you to do your Bekesy curve.
This is a beta version. If you want to help/contribute, feel free. It's distributed under the terms of the GNU license...
Read what's written on the blog.
MMS (MultiMedia Sequencer)Patch MMS is a multimedia sequencer developped to work with the GLUION sensor interface.
mwcExternal cleans-up your max window
mwc_buExternal mwc_bu clears your max window when you send it a bang.
mxwcAbstraction mxwc clears the max window.
It uses the external max.print developped by Maximilian Marcoll.
you will easely find his very interesting site on maxobjects.com
spectral analyserPatch This patch allows you to do real-time spectral analysis with Max-MSP/Jitter... in microtons (1/4 tons).

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