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ll.msmsAbstraction cd-based abstraction to scroll any digit AND calculating any number-format (like min:sec:ms, etc). somehow replaces ll.number
ll.numberAbstraction cd-based abstraction to scroll any digit of a float-number
ll.ogAbstraction another scale-abstraction that takes a fifth value as logarithmic scaler.
ll.rsliderAbstraction lcd-based abstraction that enhances the idea of rslider (needs llog, !llog installed)
llooppPatch A software written in max/msp, designed for live-improvising.
ll_numberExternal ll_number is a combination of number and slider with
formatting options,
individual digit drag,
logarithmic slider
key-support and
multislider option
oct.divAbstraction divides an octave to any amount of tones (output==frequency)

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