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aka.serviceusb External Service USB control
Service USB control. Service USB is a universal interfece that is especially suitable for fischertechink's robot kits.
oscbonjour External OpenSoundControl service discovery and announcement using Bonjour for max/msp
here is a max/msp external for OSX (UniversalBinary) and windows doing Bonjour/ZeroConf service discovery and announcement:

basically there are only 3 messages:
browse: browse for available services of type _osc._udp
resolve name: get hostname and port number from service name
register name port: register and a service of type _osc._udp with specificied name and UDP port number
plusequals (+=) External plusequals (+=) is the C accumulation object. More convenient than the accum object, because it manages lists and avoid to use three objects to do the same work. V.2 is now universal binary.
sets External subset generator
ets generates unordered subsets by manipulating interval class arrays whose universal size is between 1 and 12 members. Among many other things, it is ideal for systematically generating pitch sets using set transformations (rotation, transposition, and retrograde). The output of sets is an index to members of the universal set. The input is an index to the subset. Members of the subset are determined by the Universal size, interval class size and index; and the transformation values: a rotation position, transposition, register (octave) displacement value. Since sets is not restricted to a universe size of 12, it can be used for a wide variety of tasks.
In addition to the index and interval between successive values, sets outputs the entire current set and interval array each time a transformation is made. It also generates a profile of the intervalic content of the interval class.
tl.midi.a Abstraction Define universal standard pitch. Correct MIDI values.
tl.midi.a~ Abstraction Define universal standard pitch. Correct MIDI values (audio).
Signal version of tl.midi.a
universal External Send a message to all instances of the same class in a patcher
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