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ajm.makenote Abstraction make / transform notes
Use durations expressed in beats for use with the transport system.
ajm.metro Abstraction transport-synced metro with relative time output
cue External [cue] is a Max external that lets you cue Max messages to be dispatched at specified transport times.
[cue] supports batching of messages, settings certain messages to expire if they end up getting behind schedule, timeline scrubbing and looping, and debugging.
hostsync~ External Retrieve transport control information from a ReWire host.
jit.avc External FireWire VTR control
The jit.avc object communicates with FireWire VTR devices, such as digital cameras and DV decks, using the 1394 AV/C protocol. Use it to control the transport of these devices from Max.
nottcp External this object provides an interface between MAX messages and the Open Transport TCP network abstraction layer.
this object provides an interface between MAX messages and the Open Transport TCP network abstraction layer. its purpose is to send and receive data over a TCP connection. it provides also the functionality necessary to establish such a connection both at client (aka active) and server (aka passive) side.
otudp External Send or receive data over ethernet using the UDP protocol, using Open Transport.
PDOSCClient Javaclass (mxj) Object for mxj and pdj to provide a bi-directional OSC client.
Allows to send and receive from the same socket. Supports the OSC 1.0 type tags, bundles, and both UDP and TCP transport. Supercedes older UDPOSCPort object.
plugphasor~ External Output 0-1 ramp beat-synchronized with host
Output 0-1 ramp beat-synchronized with host. When the host's transport is playing, plugphasor~ will output a beat-synchronized ramp (like phasor~). This ramp can be used to drive a cycle~ for a beat-synced LFO.
rs.delos External GUI timeline object
rs.delos, sort of a crossbreed of the pre-Max5 timeline object with a pianoroll style Midi editor, lets you put events in a timeline and send them out synchronized to a transport object.

Each event acts as a container for:
- pitch/velocity and duration information,
- user definable parameters,
- user definable breakpoint functions,
- MSP buffer display,
- any arbitrary message.
TeaBox External Teabox decoder software for Max/MSP.
Teabox decoder software for Max/MSP. The Teabox is an innovative high-speed interface for connecting sensors to your computer using a digital audio connection as the transport.
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