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EAMIR - Slider Standalone Application Slider is a touchscreen musical interface that converts graphical table data into a linear array of musical notes.

created by V.J. Manzo
Slider is a touchscreen musical interface that converts graphical table data into a linear array of musical notes. The slider software is run on a touchscreen computer which allows the table data to be entered by physically touching the graphical interface. Each point in the table is analyzed serially and yields a note. The notes are played back at user variable rhythm which can be changed by touching a rhythmic value icon at the left. The tempo can be changed as well. When a user touches the screen, the points are read and produce notes. The higher the line appears when it is read, the higher the note will sound. A keyboard appears beneath the table to reflect the pitch of the point currently being analyzed. By default, notes are read “up and down” that is, from left to right to left. This option can be changed to have notes read up (from left to right only) and down (from right to left only). Like all EAMIR software, the slider software can be customized to work with the sounds of any type of synthesizer. By default, the slider software will filter all of the notes to the 7 pitch classes of the C Major scale. The tonic and mode can be changed at any time by selecting from one of the 11 pitch classes or one of the 28 diatonic modes at the bottom left of the screen. User made patterns can be stored and recalled with ease by shift+clicking in the preset grid.

created by V.J. Manzo
www.vjmanzo.com/cv | www.vincemanzo.com
fingerpinger External Provides multitouch data from the MacBook trackpad, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad - up to an impressive 11 fingers...
Fingerpinger can track up to 11 fingers on the trackpad of recent Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro (Intel only), a well as the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad. It provides the following realtime data (every 8ms) for every finger touching the trackpad:
Finger index, Frame number, Angle, Major and minor axis of ellipsoid, Position, Velocity (x,y), Identifier, State, Size
padnum Abstraction Type in numbers on the number pad rapidly without touching the return...
touchin External Output incoming MIDI after touch values
Touchin can take arguments for MIDI port / channel. The number of outlets is variable - one if a channel argument is specified or two if no argument is specified. When a MIDI after touch message is received, touchin outputs from right (MIDI channel) to left (after touch value).
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