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cv.jit.dilate External This will make shapes fatter and although it will make noise all the more noticeable
In binary mode, a pixel will be marked ON if any of its neighbours is ON. This will make shapes fatter and although it will make noise all the more noticeable, it is a good way to get rid of small holes in an image. In greyscale mode, however, each pixel is given the maximum value of the pixels around it. You can toggle between both mode using the "greyscale", or "grayscale" attribute followed by a 0, or a 1. You can also change the shape of the neighbourhood with the "mode" attribute. Mode 0 uses 8 neighbours, and mode 1 uses 4 neighbours forming a cross.
jcom.jsui_texttoggle.js Javascript (js) text toggle
keys External Allows the placement of objects in your patch with key commands. Objects are placed at mouse position.
Automate your patch building with key commands to drop objects at mouse position.

n- number box
f- float
m- message
b- button
t- toggle
option-space- Object box

Makes life easier, faster and more enjoyable. More time can be spent perfecting detailed patch cord layouts.
lcdtoggle Patch a maximally simple example of using lcd to make a ui control - using quickdraw instead of picts.
pictctrl External picture-based controls
pictctrl facilitates the creation of graphically appealing (or unappealing) controls in Max. It uses images stored in an external file for its appearance. pictctrl implements three kinds of controls: buttons, toggles, and dials. Toggles are like buttons, but "stick" in one state or the other. Dials are controls that have more than two states, such as knobs and rotary switches.
rs.textbutton External a button/toggle with text
rtc.fullscreen Abstraction Toggles between fullscreen and normal screen mode.
Toggles between fullscreen and normal screen mode. In fullscreen more, the menubar is hidden.
tl.keytoggle Abstraction Use keyboard as toggles.
toggle External Switch between on and off (1 and 0)
Toggle has one inlet which accepts int or bang and outputs an int. A bang toggles between 0 and 1. A non-zero int is sent through to the output while setting the toggle on, and 0 outputs a 0 and sets the toggle off.
xj.sharedfloat Abstraction for use mainly with GUI objects
xj.sharedfloat makes it easy to have multiple GUIs (sliders, toggles etc.) controling the same parameter.
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