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bgcolor External Set a patcher's background color
The bgcolor object sets a patcher's background color. It accepts 3 integer arguments to specify background color in the form red green blue. The bgcolor object's functionality is equivalent to the brgb message of the thispatcher object, and is simply a convenient way to set the background color using one object rather than the combination of loadbang, message, and thispatcher objects.
St.end Abstraction A send with changeable destination.
But best of all, if a second parameter is set, it will send to this number of named objects when connected to thispatcher, or if the second parameter is a symbol it will compose the destination out of the two parameters.
St.Unselct Abstraction Helps to get around the annoying problem of a focus on an object stealing keypresses an alike.
Send anything to St.Unselect and it will switch of the focus after the time set by its parameter. A bang will deselect immediatly. The time can also be set with the right inlet. The output has to be connected to a thispatcher object.
thispatcher External Send messages to a patcher
thispatcher can be used to modify and/or close a patcher window. It sends a message to the patcher window in which it is contained. The messages currently accepted by patchers are shown below. In addition, you can look at any Max patcher document as text and copy the format for sending messages to "#P" and create new objects and connections right in the window under program control! Also see the bpatcher help file for the use of thispatcher with bpatcher.
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