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3D_Label External Add bevel-edged labels with complete control of font, style, size, font color, label colors, text, etc. Change text on the fly - use to display changing values, etc.
3D_Pict_Button External Display 2 different PICTs on the in/out positions of a bevel-edged button.
Display 2 different PICTs on the in/out positions of a bevel-edged button. Change PICTs on the fly, in addition to all the features of 3D_text_Button above.
3D_text_Button External Create 3D buttons with 2 different text messages for in/out positions
Create 3D buttons with 2 different text messages for in/out positions; multiple modes of operation including “radio button” type operation, where all buttons in a certain group are linked, and only one can be down at a certain time, and selecting a different one returns others to the out position; complete control of font, style, size, font color, button colors, etc.
aalert External put up a macintosh standard alert box with up to 3 buttons, error and explanation text. retrieve which button the user clicked.
put up a macintosh standard alert box with up to 3 buttons, error and explanation text. retrieve which button the user clicked.
aka.speech External speaking a text (text to speech)
This object reads a loud text.
AsyncSerial External Interface with serial devices. Provides improved functionality over the builtin [serial] object.
An external object for Max/MSP on Mac OSX that interfaces with serial devices. This is intended to provide more useful functionality than the built-in [serial] object. Namely, [AsyncSerial] listens for incoming data on a separate thread and spits it out whenever it arrives. It does not need to be polled. This is similar to how UDPReceive works, and thus similar care must be taken when dealing with multithreaded Max-patches. [AsyncSerial] can also have its input buffer flushed, which is necessary when sending commands to a device and awaiting a reply. [AsyncSerial] can also be put in and out of \\\'canonical\\\' input mode, in which data is only spit out once a newline char \\\'\\\\n\\\' is received, which is useful for parsing text-based replies. [AsyncSerial] also allows users to set VMIN and VTIME, as described in the unix manual, sub verbo \\\'termios\\\'. [AsyncSerial] can either output received data as a sequence of bytes, as [serial] does, or as a list of text symbols, which is useful with canonic input processing.
bbcomment.js Javascript (jsui) pseudo-BBcode comment object
an extened comment object implemented using jsui enabling pseudo-BBcode scripting for text layout. Updated, in particular to enable color changes.
capture External Capture incoming numbers and display in text editor
Store numbers to view or edit
capture~ External Collect samples from a signal and examine them in a text window
capture~ is similar to the capture object, except that it collects signal values rather than incoming integers. capture~ is designed for signal debugging or investigationŃfor recording, use record~ or writesf~
clipboard External output data from OS X clipboard
A Max/MSP 4.6 External that outputs text from the OS X clipboard.
Color_Label External Create transparent colored labels in a variety of fonts and styles (and that means transparent over picts!) Change text on the fly.
comment External text comment in a Patcher
Comments have no function except to label or explain things in a Patcher. You can change the font and/or size of a comment with the Font menu.
confirmBox External Put up 1 button, 2 button, 3 button, or 4 button custom modal dialogs with or without color icons; change text and button text; retrieve which button the user clicked.
cv.jit.touches Abstraction Track greyscale/binary image regions.
cv.jit.touches uses the meanshift algorithm to track blobs in a greyscale or binary image. The object was designed to be used in the context of multi-touch interfaces (hence the name) but it can also be used in other situations, such as overhead tracking of people in a space.
DCILoadtexture.mxo External External
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Nathan Wolek A small collection of externals used for various spectral processing. Includes objects for computing amplitude in decibels and a few complex math functions.
Cycling74 Jitter is a set of 135 brilliant new video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects for the Max graphical programming environment. The Jitter objects extend the functionality of Max4/MSP2 with flexible means to generate and manipulate matrix data -- any data that can be expressed in rows and columns, such as video and still images, 3D geometry, as well as text, spreadsheet data, particle systems, voxels, or audio. Jitter is useful to anyone interested in real-time video processing, custom effects, 2D/3D graphics, audio/visual interaction, data visualization, and analysis
loadbang.net SQL
Nick Rothwell A Java library for communicating with SQL databases from MXJ. We currently support MySQL and HSQLDB. The HSQLDB system includes an embedded database instance, so it runs automatically from text files in Max\'s search path; no external database server configuration is necessary.
SFA Max/MSP Library
Stefano Fasciani The SFA-MaxLib is a collection of Max/MSP objects developed in the context of the VCI4DMI. It includes functions and utilities in the form of FTM externals, FTM abstractions and Max abstractions. FTM is a shared library for Max/MSP developed by IRCAM, which provides a small and simple real-time object system and a set of optimized services to be used within Max/MSP externals.

List of FTM Externals: sfa.eig - eigenvalues; sfa.inputcombinations - combination generator; sfa.levinson - levinson-durbin recursion; sfa.lpc2cep - lpc to cepstra conversion; sfa.rastafilt - rasta filter; sfa.rmd - relative mean difference; sfa.roots - polynomial roots;

List of Abstractions: sfa.bark.maxpat - energy of the Bark bands from time domain frame;sfa.bark2hz_vect.maxpat - Herts to Bark conversion;sfa.barkspect.maxpat - energy of the Bark bands from spectrum; sfa.ceil.maxpat - ceil function; sfa.featfluxgate.maxpat - gated distance on stream of feature vectors; sfa.fft2barkmx.maxpat - utility sub-abstraction of sfa.bark; sfa.fft2barkmxN.maxpat - utility sub-abstraction of sfa.barkspect; sfa.hynek_eq_coeff.maxpat - hynek equalization coefficients; sfa.hz2bark.maxpat - Hertz to Bark conversion; sfa.hz2bark_vect.maxpat - Hertz to Bark conversion for vectors; sfa.hz2mel.maxpat - Hertz to Mel conversion; sfa.idft_real_coeff.maxpat - utility sub-abstraction of sfa.rasta-plp; sfa.maxminmem.maxpat - minimum and maximum of a stream of data; sfa.mfcc.maxpat - MFCC coefficients; sfa.modalphafilter.maxpat - 1st order IIR lowpass on a stream of vectors; sfa.nonlinfeqscale.maxpat - linear spectrum to Bark or Mel scale conversion; sfa.rasta-plp.maxpat - PLP and RASTA-PLP coefficients; sfa.spectmoments.maxpat - 4 spectral moments (centroid, deviation, skewness, kurtosis); sfa.3spectmoments+flatness.maxpat - 3 spectral moments (centroid, deviation, skewness) and the spectral flatness; sfa.spectralflux.maxpat - spectral flux on stream of spectrum vectors; sfa.spectralfluxgate.maxpat - gated spectral flux on stream of spectrum vectors; sfa.std.maxpat - standard deviation; sfa.win_to_fft_size.maxpat - smaller FFT size given frame size; sfa.GCemulator.maxpat – 3D gestural controller emulator;

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