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jit.str.regexp External Use PERL-compatible regular expressions on Jitter matrices
The jit.str.regexp object performs regular expression analysis to Jitter matrices, with optional substitution. To specify a regular expression, the re attribute is used. Substitutions may be specified with thesubstitute attribute.
listToSymbol External Convert lists of many items into a single symbol.
Convert lists of many items into a single symbol. Remove spaces between items, or substitute another character or symbol as separators. It will take a list of items (ints, floats, symbols, or any mixture) and spit it back out as a single symbol. You can have it remove spaces (i.e. so “I’m Not An Animal” becomes “I’mNotAnAnimal”). You can change the separator (default = space) to any other character or symbol (i.e. so “link these words” becomes “link_these_words”). Furthermore, listToSymbol is interrupt level safe and will not cause any memory allocation, unlike sprintf.
replace Abstraction Replaces an element of a list
Replaces an element of a list with a replacement list/element in the position sent to the rightmost inlet . When the position number (= index) is bigger than the list size, the replacement will substitute the last element of the list. A bang or a list sent to the leftmost inlet triggers the output.
St.ubstitute Abstraction Substitutes elements according to a named coll.
substitute External Subsitute a symbol for another symbol in a message
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