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etime External sprintf the output of the outlet time from sfplay~
listToSymbol External Convert lists of many items into a single symbol.
Convert lists of many items into a single symbol. Remove spaces between items, or substitute another character or symbol as separators. It will take a list of items (ints, floats, symbols, or any mixture) and spit it back out as a single symbol. You can have it remove spaces (i.e. so “I’m Not An Animal” becomes “I’mNotAnAnimal”). You can change the separator (default = space) to any other character or symbol (i.e. so “link these words” becomes “link_these_words”). Furthermore, listToSymbol is interrupt level safe and will not cause any memory allocation, unlike sprintf.
sprintf External Build and format messages / lists of numbers and symbols / words
The sprintf object allows you to use the famous C-language "printf" function inside Max. You can combine symbols, organize lists of numbers, or format messages or menu items. Examples of sprintf are shown below, but for complete documentation, refer to a standard C library reference manual.
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