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envfol1~ Abstraction envelope follower
This is an exponential envelope follower which converts the amplitude of an incoming signal into floating-point control values. The incoming signal is lowpass-filtered and sampled with the snapshot~ object. The responsiveness of the amplitude following can be controlled by changing the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter; the lower the cutoff frequency, the slower the response. This abstraction is similar to rms1~ and vu1~, although it is tailored to a specific purpose.
number~ External Signal monitor, converter, and generator
number~ is designed to make it convenient to monitor signal outputs for debugging. It can also be used to supply a constant signal value. It combines the functions of snapshot~, a floating-point number box, and sig~/line~. number~ can display either the incoming signal (when the wave icon is present in the box) or the outgoing signal (when the arrow icon is present). Click on the picture to switch display modes. When the display shows the input signal being monitored, you can't change the value by clicking or typing. When the outgoing signal value is displayed, you can click in the box to select it for typing or change it in the same way as a floating-point number box.
snapshot~ External Report sample values from a signal
snapshot~ outputs the current value from an input signal when it receives a bang.
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