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sah~ External Sample-and-hold
Sample-and-hold. The sah~ object accepts two signals. The left signal is the "input" and the right signal is the "control." When the control makes a transition from being at or below a the trigger value to being above the trigger value, the input is sampled and its current value is output until another control transition occurs and the input is sampled again. The default threshold value is 0, but can be specified via a float in the left inlet or as an argument to sah~.
train~ External Pulse-train generator and metronome
Pulse-train generator and metronome. train~ generates a pulse signal whose period is specifiable in terms of milliseconds (see <~ for a method of making a pulse wave at a specified frequency). It also sends out a bang when going from 0 to 1, so it can be used as a metronome with a floating-point interval. The signal output can be used as a control input for sah~ as shown in the example below, or at very small intervals, it is audible.
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