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audiorouter Patch audio fx routing example
i wanted to use 4 filters on 8 outputs of a tap delay line; this selects 2 audio lines to go: thru/thru; thru/eq; eq/thru. with a pretty little matrix to control it (currently inside the patch). (i used 4 of these & 4 svf~ s)
dot.router Abstraction Performs OSC namespace translation, scaling, and clipping for an arbitrary number of mapping connections.
fe.fwd Javascript (js) Dynamic remote router
Sends messages dynamically to any bound [receive] object, in a very different way than [forward], with automatic prefix features and much more...
ic.pump External Pump is a massively parallel (up to 2500 outlets) mode based message router.
Responds to navigation commands and allows users to build custom object focus control networks. Bound to be useful in ways we can't imagine.
matrix External data flow re-router
matrix is a data routing object. It is similar to gate with several additional features. matrix can have up to 253 data inlets and 253 outlets.
matryx External message router like matrix~ (scripting)
MaxChat Patch MaxChat is a chat max patch. You can connect to a MaxChat server over LAN or Internet, and chat with connected users within max.
if you're not directly connected to internet (behind a firewall or a router) you will need to route UDP port 7778 to your computer.
MaxChat works over LAN or Internet.
MaxChat Client & MaxChat Server patches available.
reroute External Integer re-router: Reroutes 8 integer streams to any of up to 32 outlets.
router External matrixctrl-compatible Max message router
router is a Max object which lets you patch multiple sources of Max data to multiple destinations dynamically (sort of like a series of nested switches and gates). It is designed to work best with the matrixctrl user-interface object, and uses a syntax equivalent to the MSP matrix~ object.
router External A matrixctrl-compatible Max message router.
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