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fffb~ External Fast fixed filter bank
Fast fixed filter bank. fffb~ implements a bank of bandpass filter objects (essentially the same as reson~). The input signal is applied to all filters, and the outputs of each filter are available separately. This object is more efficient than using a number of reson~ objects, but does not accept signals for parameter changes.
reson~ External Bandpass filter controllable by center frequency and Q
Bandpass filter controllable by center frequency and Q. reson~ implements the following filter equation: y[n] = gain * (x[n] - r * x[n-2]) + c1 * y[n-1] + c2 * y[n-2], where r, c1, and c2 are parameters calculated from the input center frequency and Q. Q is the filter bandwidth divided by center frequency. Inputs can be floats or signals. The specification is similar to the nres unit generator in cmusic.
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