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dot.prependaddr Abstraction Prepend text to the beginning of the first item of a list.
f0.route_pattern Abstraction prepends indexes from a pattern
idx External prepend index to anything / extended counter
Label External The great prepender.
Ltag External An object to prepend incoming data with a serial number.
OSC-unroute Javascript (js) Opposite of OSC-route: prepends bits of OSC addresses to existing OSC messages (javascript)
prep Abstraction Short for [prepend].
But it will also turn bangs into the parameters and you can prepend messages which start with'set'.
prepend External Insert a list or message before another list or message
Put one message at the beginning of another
unpackX External Enhanced “unpack” object,
Enhanced “unpack” object, with easier control of long lists, and the ability to prepend the same symbol before each item as it is output.  For example, to unpack a list of 120 items where the 45th and 47th are floats, you do not need to enter 120 items as arguments and make sure the proper ones are floats - simply type “unpackX 120” and the types of the input list stay the same on output. Furthermore, say you wanted the output of that 120 element unpack to “set” a bunch of UI objects. Simply type “unpackX 120 set”, and the word set will be prepended before each item as it is output.
_ Abstraction Short for prepend set.
_ (underscore) External shorthand prepend set
__ (double underscore) External multiple prepender
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Panaiotis Objects
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These Max objects have been enhanced since the documentation to the left was written. Help files for the objects provide information on enhancements.

The matrix object has been substantially upgraded. It now combines features of unpack, spray, funnel, append, and prepend into one object. This makes a great object to place between controllers and jit objects because it acts like a multi-prepend. There are new configuration commands and enhancements to the old: even, odd, mod,and range, among others). Most commands can be applied to inlets of outlets. There is also a mute function that adds another layer of control. Matrixctrl support has been enhanced. See the help file for full details and examples.

Most other objects now fully support floats. RCer and autocount will count in float values, not just integers.

Notegen16 is a 16 channel version of its predecessor: notegen. It is more generalized and much more efficient.

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