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a-polys External 0-1 stream to multiple selections
ajm.busymap Abstraction visualization of poly~ busymap
ajm.polyroute Abstraction route messages to poly~ targets with OSC syntax
Depends on the OSC-route object (http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/downloads)
allPlayers8.pat Module all Player modules (using smaller polyphonic versions of Players)
bat.bezierSpline Abstraction Abstractions for generating Bézier-spline control curves.
This package contains three abstractions for creating Bézier spline curves in Max: [bat.bernsteinpolynomials], [bat.bezierSpline], and [bat.bezierSplineBSM]. The latter is designed to create control signals using Bézier splines that are constrained to (all but) ensure a slope of 0 at the ends. Ultimately, it provides an artistically useful way to shape control signals in expressively-significant ways.
bufGranul~ External sound buffer~ granulation DSP object
Advanced sound buffer~ granulation DSP engine for MaxMSP. Features are buffer based enveloppe, float/signal parameter control, internal spatialisation of each grain on 2-4-6-8 channels, high polyphony ( up to 512 simultaneous grains ).
ddg.mono External a monophonic synth controller for Max/MSP.
a monophonic synth controller for Max/MSP. implements last/high/low note priority and legato/retrigger phrasing. most useful if you are creating monosynth emulations (as ido all the time). includes a help file with a complete example - strap it across your \"notein\" or \"kslider\" and go crazy. the external will work with previous versions of Max, but the .help file uses a polyphonic kslider (and is therefore Max 4-specific).
decide External Generate random stream of bits, Choose randomly between on and off (1 and 0)
decide uses a "primitive polynomial modulo 2" method of generating a random series of 0 and 1. This method is recommended as more efficient and less prone to repetitions than taking a random number mod 2.
Dlibpolyhedron.maxpat External Abstraction
fc.BP.Link Abstraction link the masses create with the poly-B.P.particule2
include in a poly~object, permitted to make different links between the masses create with the poly-B.P.particule2
flushp Abstraction flush is not only flushing, its also unpacking. For those cases where you'd need to pack the values again, like for poly~s, flushp does this.
gem.imageVert External Map an image to polygons
gem.polygon External Creates a polygon
gem.polygon_smooth External
gen17 External solves chebyshev polynomials, transfer function generator
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