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hr.poke~ External
ipoke~ External ipoke~ is an interpolating buffer~ writer. It can replace the poke~ object in some applications, for instance when all indexes have to be filled, like in a variable sampling-frequency delay. Version 2 has fixed some bugs and is more efficient.
jit.poke~ External Write an audio signal into a matrix
The jit.poke~ object writes the value specified by the leftmost signal input into one plane of a matrix cell at the position specified by the signalinputs (following the leftmost input). The object arguments are [matrix_name] [dim_inputcount] [plane].
poke~ External Write into a buffer~ using a signal sample index
Write into a buffer~ using a signal sample index. poke~ allows you to write samples into a buffer~ at sample locations specified by a signal. Typically, the signal will increase in value by 1 with each sample to write successive values into successive samples (like record~). If the index signal is negative or larger than the size of the buffer~, no data is recorded.
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