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plugreceive~ External Receive a signal from another plug-in
Receive a signal from another plug-in. plugreceive~ outputs a signal received from a plugsend~. You can use plugreceive~ to send audio between different DSP chains in a multiple plug-in environment. There can be any number of plugreceive~ objects for each plugsend~, and any number of plugsend~ object add their signals to the "bus" read by plugreceive~.
plugsend~ External Send a signal from one plug-in to another
Send a signal from one plug-in to another. plugsend~ is similar to send~ except it works for sending audio between different DSP chains. Like send~, multiple plugsend~ objects with the same name add their signals together. plugsend~ is, however, less efficient than send~ within a single DSP chain.
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