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hoa.play~ External An audio file player for ambisonic soundfield.
hoa.play~ creates an sfplay~ object with the best arguments to play of an ambisonic soundfield.
buffer~ External Multichannel sample buffer
buffer~ works in conjunction with many different objects, including play~/groove~ (to play the buffer), record~ (records into the buffer), info~ (to report information about the buffer), peek~ (to write into/read from the buffer like the table object), lookup~ (to use the buffer for waveshaping), cycle~ (to specify a 512-point waveform), and wave~ (to specify a waveform).
byplay~ External byplay~ provides note-statement-like playback of audio from a buffer~
etime External sprintf the output of the outlet time from sfplay~
f0.play~ Abstraction one shot sample player
gran.play.file~ Abstraction granular synthesis, similar to the play~ object
This abstraction will access a sound file similar to the play~ object. It creates a new inlet for controlling the sample offset of the grains.
hr.play~ External
LKpolyplay~ External A MSP external, allows polyphonic play of sound files
playcontrol_v3 External 2 button sfplay~ control.
Only tested on sfplay~ so far.
Allows the use of 2 buttons to control Play/Pause (Resume) and Stop.
For best use, insert into a subpatch and then connect message boxes "Play/Pause" and "Stop" to the inlets respectively. Connect the outlet to sfplay~.
Play/Pause will Play the file from the begining and then pause if clicked again. While paused it will 'resume' if clicked. Stop will reset and it will play from the begining.
Version 3 fixed the pause/resume problem.
play~ External Sample playback based on position within a buffer~
play~ is a playback interface for buffer~ that plays back samples based on an offset within the sample. See groove~ for another sample playback interface. play~ is typically used with line, but can be used with any signal that generates a changing position value.
sampv1~ Abstraction simple sampler voice element
This is a simple sampler voice element using the MSP play~ object. The interest of sampv1~ is that all of the commands are on a higher level: velocity (scaled to MIDI values), transposition (in cents) onset, rise and decay times (in milliseconds), and sample name/number.
sfctrl~ External Control multiple sfplay~ objects
sflist~ External Store a list of sound file cues
sflist~ stores a list of preloaded cues for sound files that can be accessed by multiple sfplay~ objects. Each sflist~ object has a unique name that sfplay~ objects use to refer to its cues. Defining a cue is the same for sflist~ as for sfplay~. You can preload cues for sflist~ without the audio being on.
sfplay~ External Soundfile playback
Soundfile playback. sfplay~ plays AIFF, SD II, NeXT/SUN(.au), WAVE, and Raw Data files of 1-8 tracks from disk. To play a file, you send sfplay~ the open message, then send it a 1 to start and a 0 to stop. open takes an argument to specify a filename in the search path. You can also create additional cues with the preload message. These can reference other files, all of which are simultaneously accessible. The open message sets the "current" file: the one that plays back from the beginning when 1 is sent and is used as the default for the preload message. sfplay~ can also connect to the cues defined in an sflist~ object. Since multiple sfplay~ objects can reference the same sflist~, this allows you to store a global list of cues. See the sflist~ help file for more details. (be sure to open the "new features" sub patch to find out about variable speed playback, looping, triggering cues with audio signals, and more)
splay~ Abstraction graphical interface for sfplay~
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