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crackpipe External tmpfile writer
dot.listpipe Abstraction Delays a stream of input like pipe, but also works for lists.
f0.clock Abstraction slow down metro/line/delay/pipe/clocker/timeline objects
pipe External Delay line for numerical values
Pipe is a delay line for integers. Unlike 'delay' it can remember many values at once, putting them out at the appropriate times. With no arguments, pipe delays a single integer. More than one argument allows you to delay multiple integers by the same amount, with the rightmost outlet firing first. The delays are triggered by an integer in the leftmost inlet. Pipe can delay floating point numbers when floating point arguments are typed in.
pipeall Abstraction Like [pipe], but for lists and symbols as well.
setclock External Control the clock speed of timing objects remotely
Create a named redefinition of the timing source used by various objects. The setclock object allows you to create one of several modes of timing that provide alternatives to the standard millisecond clock. Each setclock is associated with a name (its first argument), and this name may be passed as the argument to a "clock" message to numerous objects that use timing in Max, such as metro, line, and pipe.The subpatchers below demonstrate each of the four setclock modes. Double-click to see them.
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